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Dear Friends,

First of all,  I’d like to thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time out to learn about me & the products I genuinely believe in.

My name is Josie Acoba and I would like to share with you why I decided to start my own online business.

A year ago, my physician asked me to stop eating fatty and spicy foods and to give up coffee due to health issues. I said “Oh no! Are you for real, Doc?” ?I love my fried fish, chicken, (sometimes my Kimchi) and my Starbucks coffee.  But I did what my Doctor ordered. Unfortunately, not for long. Because I was still craving my favorite foods, I went online and looked for a supplement to help for fat absorption. I stumbled across this lesser known Detox Tes. I took it for a few days, but I discontinued it because it had a funny taste. So, I tried several different ones. But I still didn’t like any of them.

With extensive research, I finally found this amazing tea! Not only does it help to absorb fats but it also helps my family and I stay healthy and fit. A few of my friends have tried it, loved it and can’t live without. They encouraged me by saying, “Why not open your own business? Share it with others!” So from that moment on,   I immediately contacted the manufacturer for use as my own brand. They readily agreed to it. It was probably the best idea they could’ve had for me because here I am launching my 100% Herbal Detox Tes, which is an all-natural specially formulated tea that aids in healthy weight loss by detoxifying the body and increasing your metabolism. It helps with absorption of fat and has a pleasant taste. With this special tea, the list goes on.

I want my family, friends, community members and now all of you to not only enjoy but reap the benefits of what I have discovered, tried and benefitted from.

In addition to my personal and proven experience of the Josie Acoba Detox Tea, I am introducing my slimming cream, which has a success story as well. There will be more products as we go. Please don’t forget to like and follow me on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest and Google +. (A Quick Shoutout To My Marketing Agents, Web Designers ! Thank you!

Enjoy your new journey!

With ❤️ Love,

Josie Acoba & Company

Josie Acoba