Josie Acoba Slimming Cream:

Feature: Josie Acoba Slimming Cream is an innovative fat burning formula can penetrate deep into the skin allowing blood circulation. It effectively removes stubborn fat, prevents fat accumulation and accelerates skin regeneration. It helps promote collagen and also diminish cellulites overtime. Product expels excess fluid and residual toxin as well.

How To Use : Apply a small amount of Slimming Cream evenly onto the body where slimming is needed and massage it until the cream is fully absorbed. For best results, it is strongly recommended to cover with saran wrap or BETTER YET , a waist trainer (Neoprene ).  It works wonder.

It is normal for skin to turn red to some and hot where cream is applied. It will disappear in 1~2 hours.

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

People with severe skin allergy should be cautious when using this product. For external use only.

Keep the products away from children when using or storing.
Please store in room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

The manufacturer of this product was assessed for its compliance for Good
Manufacturing Practices (GMP). So, this product is safe to use.

Slimming Cream


Josie Acoba Detox Tea and Its Amazing Effects:
1).100% natural herbal and powerful.
2).It promotes energy and helps to regulate digestive system .
3).The tea ingredients will help drop pounds in as little as one week with a pleasantly tasting tea.
4).Each results varies on the individual if taken regularly .
5).It may suppress appetite in turn weight loss.
6).It blocks fats absorption and soothes away inflammation.
7).NO laxative added.

Ingredients: Siegesbeckia Plant, Cassia Seed/Extract, Rose-010- Pharma, Adlay Extract/Coix, Lotus Flower/Leaf

Tips:  Taking one tea bag a day, 30 minutes after meal would be ideal. You may use same tea bag 3 times a day.


Our Detox Tes is not to be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as patients with cardiovascular disease, stroke patients and gastric bypass patients.   If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, please consult with your primary Physician before buying or taking tea.   Thank you!

The manufacturer of this products complies with the requirements of Chinese Good Manufacturing Practices For Health Foods.  FDA Approved.

Distributed by Josie Acoba & Company

Slimming Cream