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26 reviews for Detox Tea

  1. Julieta “Jell” Price (Tacoma Washington)

    Since I take Josie Acoba Slimming/Fat Burner tea it helps me lose weight . It gives me a lot of energy especially I work night shift. I don’t get tired & sleepy in the middle of the night . By the way All my life I felt bloated. But since I take this tea I don’t have that bloating feeling anymore. It’s because it flushes out toxins from my body. I haven’t gone a day without it and I’ve already lost 10 lbs and and 5 inches of my waistline Thank u my sis Josie! I love your product very much.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Thats great news sis. Lots of good things happening your way. Im so happy it works for you! Thank you for your love & undying support:-).

  2. Evelyn Dunlap (Puyallup Wa)

    Since I have been drinking this tea I feel more energized and not bloated. This is an amazing product . Thank you Josie

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Wow sis Evelyn, more energy that we all need ! Thank you for trying out my products and for your support!

  3. Evelyn Dunlap (Puyallup Wa)

    Wanted to add and my waistline is flatter after just 2weeks.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Glad to know my that friend!! 😉

  4. Mike & Nimfa Donat ( Auburn Wa)

    We have been taking the Josie Acoba tea for the past month. My husband and I enjoyed it very much . It cleanse our system so we beginning to lose weight. My friends noticed that also. They asked what we are taking. So I told them Josie Acoba’s tea. Now they are taking it too. But My husband is taking the tea just once a week now for cleansing . He doesn’t want to lose more weight. This tea does really work. Thank you Josie.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Mike & Nimfa
      Hello Ate Nimfa & Mike. Thank you for introducing it to your family and friends! It means the world to me. Im glad to hear that you and your friends are using this amazing tea. Thanks for making it a part of your healthy diet!

  5. Imelda Diniega (Spanaway Wa)

    Thank you sa slimming tea, my daughter loves it because she lost weight like 5 lbs.when she started drinking for 1 week And i enjoyed drinking the tea makes me feel
    Thank you!

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Yayyyy Imelda!! It will keep you on your feet and your body thanks you for using the Slimming weight control tea. And glad to hear about your daughter losing 5 lbs in just a week. Thank u to both of u, my friend!

  6. Estella Ellis (Kent wa)

    Hello Josie I’m doing good still taking the tea and loving it!! Also I just visited your website and it’s amazing, good job. So now I can refer people to your site! Thank u sis!!  

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Thank you sis Estella for checking it out and im sure you will be happy with my slimming tea and I hope you will share it with your loved ones! And yes please send your friends my way:-). Thank you!

  7. Merlin Bartolome (Spanaway Wa)

    Im so happy that my co-worker introduced Josie Acoba’s tea.I’m taking this tea for almost 2 weeks now and I can feel the difference. I love it because it makes me more lively! Thank you!

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Yes Merlin, your body will adjust to it in no time and you will feel so much energy and before you know it, you have lost the weight. Thank you for all your support!

  8. Corey Ocana (Seattle Washington)

    Hello my friends I want to share with what I’m using for a month now, this is Josie Acoba Slimming detox tea / slimming cream fat burner. You can tell a big difference in just one week. It flushes out toxin, it prevents fat accumulation , i feel more energetic and what’s great about it is , I can see I’m losing more inches on my waistline . This is such a blessing that I discovered this product from the owner, my friend , Josie Acoba .. thank you my friend .

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Way to go Cory!! u are on the right track-on your way to feel lighter and healthier! keep up the good work and continue using all the products of josie acoba has to offer! A new way of living!

  9. Sharon Wathel (Kent Washington)

    Josie Acoba Tea – Is a blessing for me. Trust Jah and imagine tomorrow happier and healthier than today! The journey to improving my health have completely changed my life and thought process. The tips Josie shared gave me and my overall health improvement made me realize I had nothing to lose by trying the tea. I had my yearly physical and my Doctor decided I no longer need to take medication for High blood pressure! The excitement that I feel from just trying this tea brings tears to my eyes. The mind set that keeps me going is to think how I will look and feel tomorrow. THANKS YOU JOSIE ? FOR CARING!

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      My friend Sharon, it brings Tears to my eyes what you wrote. It deeply touched my heart. And When u called me yesterday about your overall health, I was really in tears that I was able to share with something that could change your life. I am humbled! Thank you so much sis for believing in me as well as the product ! Good things are still coming your way!! Love u sis!

  10. Leslie Sims (Kent Washington)

    Hello, my friend Josie introduced me to Slimming/Weight control tea. I have Type II diabetes so I started out slow on drinking it about 4 weeks ago. The results have been great for me from the fact that I lost inches from my tummy!!! I can tell because I had jeans that I couldn’t wear because they were tight on my waist. I can now wear those jeans because they are not snug!! I will increase my tea drinking now to help my A1C. Thanks to Josie, I can fit my jeans now..Thank you very much my sister Josie! ❤️

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      This is exactly what i am hoping for to help my friends not to struggle with their weight no more and on top of that their health is making progress for the better! I couldnt ask any better result than this! Yes together we can do this:-) Thank u sis Leslie!

  11. Jodie Bolar

    I have been drinking the slimming tea for less than 2 weeks and i can really tell its working. My stomach is way more flat than it was. It starts from the top down . I have tried many weight loss products and this WORKS! It removes the toxins and fat from your body so there is some stomach cramping when needing to use the bathroom but that’s how you know it’s working. I thank Josie and Julietta for introducing me to this product. ❤️ it!

    • Josie Acoba & Company


      I am thrilled that you are seeing differences in your body & most importantly, health. And so quickly, I might add! We are so happy to have you as one of our regular users! Thank you so much sis!

  12. Adelaida Beltran (Federal Way Wa)

    Iam very happy taking the tea from Josie, thank you for sharing this tea. Before drinking this tea I don’t use the bathroom everyday but now I go 3 x a day like very naturally. I usually don’t drink tea but with this tea now Iam drinking it. I advise others to try this Josie’s tea it works.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Hello Ate Aida
      Yayy! I only wish i could have shared this with you alot sooner but I’m glad to be able to provide relief to remedy any situation. Your story is a very special one to me, close to my heart as i hear others with similar situation. I highly recommend this for that matter. Thank u so much Ate. I’ll come see u before you leave to go Philippines.

  13. Legiel Jensen ( Olympia Wa)

    Ate Josie im so excited to take your tea. I have been waiting for something like this that works. Thanks a bunch

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Sis Legiel~
      thank you for joining with the rest of us we all hope to be in good health and feel good inside and out. Thank you for your support and update. Great to know that it’s effective for you as well! Love it sis .

  14. Paul & Laine Nation (Olympia Wa)

    My husband and I are excited to take the tea. All my friends are taking it and they look good now ?

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Paul & Laine
      Thank u brother & sis for your update! Glad you both love it! Can’t wait to see the results!

  15. Aline Diakite

    My name is Aline Diakite from Seattle WA .
    I was shocked after I saw my friend Cory Ocana looking so Slim and she had waist line I could see there is no more love handle and she has a shape on her back. I had to ask what she did . If you know Cory she is a wonderful Soul, she just said like here this is my Friend Josie shared with me the TEA AND CREAM and I was like……please let me talk to her and the rest was History.
    I was able to speak and obtained tea and cream that day. Ladies I have never seen anything like this, but that just me . When I use the first time I was so amazed that I will tell every one about this tea and cream.. Ladies Josephine Acoba is An Amazing beautiful who work hard to come up with this products or researched for it. Trust me is not easy to find anything anymore that eat your Fat like this Tea plus this Cream. Don’t be selfish tell every one you know about the tea and cream because I already shared it with my friends in Jamaica, Europe, Africa n Canada!! N more friends to share it with!! ❤️ Love u my newfound friend! Josie I can see now that your business will reach the whole world. It’s incredibly amazing . I can’t express it enough . But I know for a certainty You’re a God sent to me and to the people you already helping n the people u will still going to help. Thank u so much my friend !

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Aline, I’m so deeply touched with joy by your testimony you have found a friend in me as well and together we will share this wonderful product with everyone! I am thrilled to hear that i have helped even just one person to make their health a priority ! I am truly blessed to be able to share this product with you and grateful for your support. Thank u my friend n to my friend Cory as well!

  16. Joy Wilson

    I like this Josie Acoba detox slimming tea because it make feel light in my stomach,and make feel confident I will certainly order before I run out
    I see a difference in my tummy a little smaller I really like it.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Hello my friend , I’m so happy to know you are enjoying the tea, what an amazing result!! make it a part of your daily meal u cant go wrong! we all love to eat and a flat tummy on top of that, you cant go wrong! ill be drinking with you:-) I missed u and the friends at St Claire. I’ll come visit soon! Thank u!

  17. NGR

    This product is great! Eversince I started dringking the Sliming Tea I became Regular, and makes me feel ligth.

  18. Noemi R (verified owner)

    Thank you for this wonderful Product. It actually helps me Regulate and I now feel lighter In the stomach.

  19. dorothy.schnepp (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the tea you shared with me and plan on letting my friends try it. It works great with digestion and weight loss! Thanks so much!

  20. Sharon Lecture

    So far, so good. Thanks!

  21. Estela Ellis

    I highly recommend this tea, it’s amazing! I’ve been taking slim fast tea for many years but i saw no result, I drank it just for the sake of drinking tea. But Josie Acoba’s tea made my stomach flatter after taking it for more than a month. This will definitely be part of my daily intake, I love it.

  22. Leah

    Tea is good. Helps me feel not bloated, makes me feel strong and energetic.

  23. vinagraceaquino

    I started taking Josie Acoba slimming tea 2months ago. It really works great with digestion and It helps me feel energized throughout the day. This is good and highly recommended!
    -Grace A.

  24. noemi (verified owner)

    Thank You for this wonderful product.

  25. noemi (verified owner)

    Great Tea

  26. Tino Pose

    I really love your tea, I had experience the use of this product on my body.i feel light, I feel stronger and now I don’t really have that much pain on my knees when I wake up in the morning.this product really works on me.thank you so much for sharing this tea product to me n my family.

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