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24 reviews for New Edition Detox/Fat Burner

  1. rfcastillo48 (verified owner)

    Hi, I’m Ryan and I have been drinking the tea for a month or so and I love it. Lost some inches to my waist as so my belly, clothes getting loose. I’m proud to hear and try this products.

  2. Geralyn Asmore

    My friends have introduced this tea to me. They’re looking great. I taste the tea and it’s very good I truly like it. I can’t wauit to lose the unwanted pounds like my friend Martha. She looks good. I asked her what she was doing, how she’s losing weight n she told me about Josie Acoba Detox / Slimming Tea. So now I have my own Josie’s Detox Tea n I’m enjoying now. And u can’t wait to share with my friends.

  3. daniel.carnecer (verified owner)

    Hola. I have been drinking the tea for a week now and it’s great. I feel that I have a lot more energy. My body feels good every time I drink the tea. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Regina Acoba

    I am a diabetic for many years now and have been struggling to lose more weight to lower my blood sugar. After I started drinking the tea a few months ago I felt left bloated and it gave me more energy. My cholesterol and blood pressure was always good and with this tea it’s even better. I just had my doctor appointment today and my blood sugar dropped. I was happy that I was introduced to this amazing tea! Thank you Josie Acoba! I know that I am off to a great start!

  5. Argie Coumbs

    I like the flavor of your tea and it works Great as a light laxative, I drink it every day and feel Great, and I can’t wait to try the detox tea that we have on order right now.

  6. rachel h ( PNG)

    Hi, I have just started drinking this tea and and I feel great, more energy and feel light to move around. Thanks to Josie.

  7. Noemi

    Works great!

  8. Eshell Markcom ( From Louisiana )

    I just got my tea in I Love it!! As soon as I got my tea, I felt so much energy!! In with 4 kids I really needed that push!! Not only does the Tea work, It’s affordable, In it tastes Great! U get to talk to a real sweet and caring person About any questions in concerns you might have!! I really recommend this product to everybody!!

  9. charlline Leyson (Philippines )

    From Leyte, Philippines with Love ❤
    I am Charlline Leyson , i used this wonderful tea 2 weeks ago and i am loving it! The smell is not strong at all and it tastes good too! I always find myself craving it! ?? since I’ve been drinking JA tea, I no longer have a bloated tummy and the best part – it curbs my appetite & my bowel movements have been regular, not like before! ? Satisfied customer over here! I’m going to continue drinking it while updating with reviews after a month for my weight loss changes. ?

    thank you maam Josie for this wonderful product ?


    Now I have to drink this tea it has help me so much. It keeps down my bloating and help maintain my weight loss. And it keeps dropping. Thanks Josie

  11. Ingrid Arroyo (verified owner)

    Update: Istarted the tea on Jan 27th. I drink it after each meal and at bedtime. The first week I had frequent stomach cramps then the second week it was easier to manage .
    I find it to be a really good cleanser and I feel my stomach fat might have reduce a little but I want to give it a month for results. I use 2bags of tea in bigger cup. And drink it 3x day. Thank u Leslie & Josie!

  12. Jodie Bolar

    I just bought another box of limited tea .. you really need to keep regularly drinking it .

  13. Luana Naki

    I absolutely love the way this tea makes me feel and the taste is a plus. I drink a big cup in the morning when I awake and I find it gives me energy. And then after every meal and one big cup before bed. I have found the tea and cream combined along with a regular 30min a day workout routine works best for me. I see more results and faster results by doing so. I will continue drinking this tea for it’s apart of my daily diet and my new healthy life journey. Thank you so much Josie!!!

  14. Maria Burchett (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this tea.

    The aroma is AMAZING and it tastes just as fabulous.

    I like to drink the tea before I go to sleep and it does wonders for me in the morning. The tea makes me feel refreshed every time I drink it. The tea isn’t too strong and tastes very good!

  15. Charlotte Green

    I’ve been taking the tea for about three weeks and it has helped to reduce the bloating in my stomach. I love it!!! I am looking forward to seeing some weight loss and some reduction in inches around my waist. I recommend this product to others.

  16. Tricia M Smith (verified owner)

    Teresa And I are super excited to try Josie’s Special Tea. Sharon informed of her amazing body transformation and couldn’t believe the results. 30lbs in 2 months.

  17. Sarah Pose

    Last night was my first time of using your product, n I’m telling you, I feel so great.i woke up in the morning feeling so light, n so stronger.i feel so good, it’s like the heaviness that I had carried for so many years, has begun to loosen up, because of the Tea. This product really works on me.omg! Thank u so much.

  18. Maria (verified owner)

    Hello I am Maria I have almost a month taking the TEA and has been very good for my dijestion and at the same time and lost 3 pounds without any sacrifice of diets just taking the TEA 30 minutes after eating I am happy to know this wonderful TEA.

  19. Maria Ramos (verified owner)

    Hello I am Maria I have almost a month taking the TEA and has been very good for my dijestion and at the same time and lost 3 pounds without any sacrifice of diets just taking the TEA 30 minutes after eating I am happy to know this wonderful TEA.

  20. Brenda Hamblin, LPN

    Hello Josie, i just want to tell you how amazing i think your tea is. I have always loved strong, hot tea, but i would have to use at least 2 tea bags to make it strong. And i definitely had to add lemon, honey or sugar to it. But with this tea, I only use 1 tea bag to make dark strong cup. And I DON’T add any extras to it. I drink 3 to 4 cups a day, or I’ll make a large pitcher and drink it throughout the day. This tea also gives me energy. Sometimes when I’m tired and have to drive somewhere, I’ll make a cup and drink it on the way.
    Also after drinking this tea for a few days, I noticed that I had lost few pounds. I wear my glasses, but one day I didnt have THEM on at the time andI walked past a mirror. I stopped, did a double take, run and looked again. I loved what i saw in that mirror so much that i bought 5 more Josie Acoba Detox Tea and fired my personal trainer. I didn’t need him.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Hamblin, LPN

  21. Lovertor Thompson

    OMG you need to try this tea it’s so Good it makes you lose weight very fast thanks Josie for the product even my work mates are losing weight. so excited .

  22. Lovertor Thompson

    I bought this tea on line and it’s so good and fast it makes you lose weight very fast I highly recommend this tea. Thanks.

  23. Julieta Price

    I am a night worker in a 12 hours shift at a hospital
    Working night can be tiring and making you sleepy. But with the help of this Josie Acoba Detox Tea, it gives me a lot of energy.

    I really don’t want to lose so much weight, or Too skinny. But wanting to have curves and a flat tummy. Well. I got that now. And what amazes me is when friends that I haven’t seen for awhile telling me that I look great and I’m looking younger, And I knew it’s Because of this Josie Acoba tea. I have been taking this tea almost a year now.!
    I don’t want to go into diet. Like my husband said. We eat anything we want. But with the help of this tea, I maintain my weight.
    Also my co workers mostly REgistered Nurses are taking the Josie Acoba Detox Tea because they see changes in me and asked me what I’m taking. And now they’re also taking the tea. And most of them buy in bulks.

    This tea is highly recommended 100%.

  24. Charles Price

    I have been taking this tea for almost a year now. It really helps me to cleanse my system. I noticed that if I don’t take the tea, I felt bloated
    Because I’m a big guy, i love food!! So it takes a little longer for me to lose weight. But I am determined to continue because I’m seeing results.
    I am so grateful for taking this daily. I am very thankful knowing about this product.

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