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7 reviews for Slimming Cream

  1. Lourdes Rivera ( Auburn Wa)

    My friend Nimfa introduced Josie Acoba Slimming Cream to me 3 weeks ago I have been using it since . I apply it all over my tummy area n my back and I wrap my body with my waist trainer before I go to my Zumba . Even just 5 to 10 minutes on my work out, I can feel my tummy starting to get hot n sweaty, I love this product n I’ll continue to use it. Thank u Nimfa n Josie

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Hello Ate, I’m so glad to know how much you enjoy your Slimming Cream. Seeing the reaction on your face was PRICELESS! And don’t forget to drink your tea Te Lourds!!

  2. Alina L

    I heard of this cream from my friend. Frankly speaking, this amazing cream surprised me. It does WORK!!! My stomach feels hot after 15 mins of exercise and now it looks slimmer. Also I love the cream texture, it easier to be absorbed. I will keep using it!! so excited.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      I love your enthusiasm with my JA slimming cream. thank you for believing in me. keep up the good work;-)my dear !

  3. nancy

    First time to know this brand name JA slimming cream, it amazes me . because its effect . i use it on my tummy 2 times a day .and i massaged it all over my back and body . some mins later , i really feel hot and feel my fat burning . So lovely products . i will keep using it .

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Im so pleased to hear you are satisfied with my product, Nancy. Thank you for being creative in using my slimming cream. Continue to use it and you will receive the results you deserve. Thank you for your support.

  4. Julieta Price (Tacoma Washington)

    I used this product and I see difference it helps my waistline get smaller but for those new user be extra careful because it’s hot( there’s a hot chili in there ) which is the best ingredients ever) after you put it for at least 15 minutes. I like it though because it soothes my pain specially in my back.. in one word this cream really works I’m happy with the results. Thank u my sis Jo!

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Thats what friends are for- we share good things to each other! I dedicated my products to my loving friends and family and sharing it with everybody has given me the joy in creating these products. Theres more to come! Thanks for your support My sis!

  5. Cory Ocana (Seattle Washington )

    The slimming cream is AMAZING!! OMG . I apply it on my tummy n I can feel my fats are burning. This can penetrate deep into my skin. I feel more confident and more happy because of what this product doing for me! Oh also this cream is diminishes cellulites ? . Thank you My friend Josie Acoba.

  6. Ruby Murphy (Tacoma Washington)

    I used this product while walking on a treadmill (stretching my joints) and it quickly worked around my waist and my tummy was drenched in sweat. I would recommend this to those who are trying to get their waistline back with light exercises. its perfect match for the slimming tea-together they are powerful duo!

  7. Catherine Brown (Auburn Wa)

    This cream is not bad, i love the smell, and when i massage, my skin feels hot. I have used for a week, it seems that skin skinny. will buy more again for better results.

    • Josie Acoba & Company

      Hi Cath
      Im glad you like using the slimming cream! Use it daily to maximize the benefits and you will love the result! thank you my friend !

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